Yes, it appears the “memory” feature on Open AI’s ChatGPT will remember your style of writing. Especially if you are directing GPT to keep in its memory the style of your writing.

I tested early last year asking of GPT to draft items in my style – as I described and by what it had “captured” from me. Worked for about a day and then GPT ran off the rails drafting items in a crazy style.

When I shared last week that GPT’s memory feature was working in various respects, Rafi Arbel asked if that meant GPT could pick up our writing styles. In his case, just like me, he’s not a fan of adjectives and adverbs. Makes for a sensational style of copy from GPT.

I asked GPT a week ago to not use adverbs and adjectives in a draft of a summary of my blog post I was sharing to LinkedIn. I explained my style of writing to be authentic and down to earth. Worked well. (I get a draft from GPT and then I do the writing and editing)

Today, headed to the movie, Ezra, I saw it described as authentic and three-dimensional. Seemed down to earth so I asked GPT to include this style in my writing.

To which GPT responded.

Incorporating authenticity and three-dimensional depth into your writing will certainly make it more engaging and relatable. If you have any specific topics or themes in mind that you’d like to explore in this style, feel free to share, and I can help you develop them further.

Will let you know how things progress. But GPT seems well ahead of other AI apps in assisting one in their writing.