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Lawyers and law firms stewing about the right name for their legal blog would be well advised to read the below blog post from leading marketer, Seth Godin.

“Is To Kill a Mockingbird a good title? By most measures of most committees, definitely not. And yet, it clearly and most definitely worked.

Starbucks has nothing to do with Moby Dick. Nike is

With LexBlog as a sponsor of the National Association of Bar Executives Communications (NABEComm) Workshop in Minneapolis this week, I planned to attend.

And why not. The folks in the Communications Section are leading the digital publishing and communications for state bars across our country.

Their goals, vision, passion for publishing, social media prowess and the like intersect

We should have a digital publication covering women, worldwide, in legal tech – if there is not already one out there.

Not a traditional reporter and editor driven site/publication but one driven by the women in legal tech, their companies, their organizations and others covering women in legal tech.

Rather than reporters and editors, we’ll leverage portal technology which aggregates

The National Center for State Courts shared on Twitter the below brief video about state courts this morning. What they are, how they function and how they differ from federal courts.

Most would quickly dismiss the video as something that may be seen in a fifth grade civics class.

Got me wondering though how many professionals working in businesses ancialllary

This morning, Mari Cheney, Associate Director of Research and Instruction at Lewis and Clark Law School heartedly endorsed Ms. JD’s suggestion that law students befriend their law school law librarians.

Based on what I am leaning from law libraries and law librarians via Twitter I suggested law students follow them on Twitter.

Not only will you stay

5,887 impressions.

That’s the number of impressions I received to a post of mine on LinkedIn of a couple days.

LinkedIn impressions represent the total number of times your post was seen.

On a good day, I get 600 or 700 impressions on something I post on LinkedIn, a few likes and a couple comments.

Here I received 89 likes and