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Recently, there’s been growing discourse suggesting that we may be moving beyond the traditional SEO era—and not just due to AI innovations.

Google has long influenced us to craft content optimized for search engines. However, a significant shift is underway: users are increasingly seeking out content written by real people, for real people—sources they can trust.

In my own experience,

A few days ago, I wrote about the transformation of legal blogs into a facet of legal publishing.

This evolution is noteworthy, as niche-focused law blogs have begun to cover more territory—and at a quicker pace—than traditional law reviews. Legal blogs are now a form of secondary law, the sole province of law journals, and articles, until now.

However, not

LexBlog Publishing is proud to introduce the AI Legal Journal, your premier destination for aggregated and curated AI-related legal insights and commentary, sourced from law firms worldwide.

Our mission is to illuminate critical discussions and developments in AI law, ensuring they’re accessible, searchable, and subscribable for industry professionals, educators, various industries, and the general public.

In an era where

The LMA Annual, billed as the largest global meeting for the legal marketing profession, runs this Wednesday through Friday in San Diego.

Year after year, the Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference demonstrates the collegiality of LMA members and their strong commitment to others.

Rather than the leaders of the profession sitting on the sidelines, they are personally chairing and

I noticed this morning that the State Bar of Wisconsin shared a recent blog post of mine with Wisconsin lawyers.

My post provided lawyers with tips on how to blog more efficiently. How to get more done on the blogging front in less time.

Sure, it was nice to have my ideas shared with Wisconsin lawyers, but I was most

Years back, in a consultation with an organizational development professional, I gained some real insight that has shaped the LexBlog approach for over a decade.

The professional, who had worked with some large companies said LexBlog is not selling a turnkey blog solution, “LexBlog is about networking through the Internet, taking lawyers where they have never gone before.” He admitted

No need to text, you may now have voice conversations with ChatGPT on Android and iOS devices.

This development enhances user interaction by allowing conversations with the AI model without the need for text inputs.

You initiate conversation by tapping the microphone icon on the bottom of the home screen. I tapped the headset on my iPad. You’ll be given

I’ve been doing this legal blogging gig for over twenty years. I like helping lawyers achieve more and, in turn, make the law for accessible through the insight lawyers offer on their blogs.

Over this twenty years, I’ve consistently heard “I don’t have time to blog.” That’s like saying I don’t have the time to become a better lawyer and