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By Kevin O'Keefe

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Have any of you done collaborative blogging or writing with AI?

This is where AI is used as a collaborative tool, where it writes a part of your blog post o article based on your initial input, creating a unique human-AI collaborative piece.

Beyond AI for research or idea generation, you are collaborating with AI to create your finished article

Ran across an article by the founder of Social Media World, Michael Steltzer, about content marketing in the age of AI.

I liked the concept of ‘created’ versus ‘constructed’ writing, a distinction traced back to Charles Dickens.

The difference offers insight for legal bloggers on the application of AI in their blogging.

‘Created’ content refers to ideas or expressions

More commentary of use to legal bloggers and legal marketing professionals on the AI in legal blogging front.

Rather than telling students to stay clear of AI in their writing, Yale offers a new English seminar, “Writing Essays with AI,” taught by Yale’s Ben Glaser, an associate professor of English.

While there are ethical concerns about AI compromising students’

Twenty years ago, on November 22, a date I remembered for President Kennedy’s assassination, I embarked into the world of blogging.

With a simple picture of Perry Mason saying “Hmm… I should have a blog,” “Real Lawyers Have Blogs” was born.

Post-LexisNexis, armed with lessons from my first company,, and driven by a passion to help lawyers harness the

I asked Lou, LexBlog’s AI powered publishing assistant, how it would explain to a kindergarten class why lawyers blog.

To which Lou responded.

Imagine you have a big, difficult puzzle to solve, but you’re not sure how to do it. Lawyers are like helpers who know a lot about a special set of rules called ‘laws’ that everyone must