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By Kevin O'Keefe

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How did TikTok go from a niche social network for lip-syncing teens to the most popular app in the Western World, threatening to knock off Facebook in just a few years, asks the The Guardian’s Alex Hern this morning.

What does this mean for legal bloggers?

Legal blogging is all about establishing a reputation and relationships in niche areas of

vLex, a global technology and legal information platform, announced this week the opening of its 6th Annual International Law and Technology Writing Competition.

Students from around the world are asked to submit a 1,000-word, blog-style article, on one of three brand-new topics. Prizes range from £250 — £1,500.

All finalists will have their articles published to an international audience

My posts of last week following #ClioCon hit home with lawyers turned off by inauthentic “legal blogs” published by marketers, not lawyers, to garner web traffic for law firms.

So much so that lawyers commented that they didn’t want to blog for fear of looking unprofessional.

On Saturday, I ran across a blog post by author and former business executive,