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Twenty years ago we certainly didn’t have AI in the sense we do today. We also didn’t have citizen journalism platforms enabling lawyers and law firms to openly publish insight on the implications of matters such as AI.

When AI hit last year, law firms started publishing about AI, perhaps like no other subject before.

Via blogs, alerts, websites, contributed

A revolution of artificial intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) could be poised to change the way legal advice is sought and provided to the public, online.

Moving away from the traditional search engine model of ranking multiple sources based on SEO metrics like keywords and backlinks, AI is shifting towards offering a singular, authoritative answer to user queries

Good morning from the ABA Techshow in Chicago.

I have some exciting news for you.

The ABA Journal and LexBlog, Inc. have come together to launch The American Legal Blogger, a brand-new publication aimed at spotlighting your legal insightful blogs, the dedication of lawyer authors, and the distinction of the firms publishing the blogs.

As we celebrate twenty years

I have some big news for legal tech companies.

At LexBlog, we’ve always been passionate about networking, creating connections and online visibility. It’s how we built our company.

With over 40,000 legal bloggers on the LexBlog Network and more than 50,000 bloggers in the Open Legal Blog Archive, backed by LexBlog, our community is likely the world’s largest

Sunday afternoon, I started thinking of LexBlog having become a publisher for citizen journalists.

Person after person in New York, last week, introduced me as the publisher for over 40,000 lawyers and with a library of over 700,000 legal blog posts.

Twenty years ago, the legal profession stood on the brink of a digital renaissance few could have predicted.