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Twenty years ago we certainly didn’t have AI in the sense we do today. We also didn’t have citizen journalism platforms enabling lawyers and law firms to openly publish insight on the implications of matters such as AI.

When AI hit last year, law firms started publishing about AI, perhaps like no other subject before.

Via blogs, alerts, websites, contributed

A revolution of artificial intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) could be poised to change the way legal advice is sought and provided to the public, online.

Moving away from the traditional search engine model of ranking multiple sources based on SEO metrics like keywords and backlinks, AI is shifting towards offering a singular, authoritative answer to user queries

You want to grow — personally and in your law practice. You’re working your buns off, but it feels like you’ve hit a block. You’re not sure how much harder you can work and ask yourself, “Shouldn’t it be easier?” Yes, it should be easier, and it can be easier. In today’s episode you’ll find out what you need to