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Today you’ll hear from Jim Fortin. He’s is a leader in transformational coaching, and he’s a big reason I coach lawyers. This episode is for you if you’re: 🫣 wondering why all the hard work you’re doing isn’t leading to a better life 😖 constantly thinking and feel like you have a busy brain 😱 worried that the stress you’re

Adam Liptak of The New York Times reports that the Supreme Court agreed on Friday to decide whether Florida and Texas may prohibit large social media companies from removing posts based on the views the posts express, setting the stage for a major ruling on how the First Amendment applies to powerful tech platforms.

Trade groups like NetChoice and the

You may be an amazing attorney bringing in tons of referrals. But do you have control of the leads you bring in? Whether you’re building your own law practice or you’re a partner bringing in business for your firm, today is a Masterclass in bringing in clients. There are 7 blocks I see to lawyers building their business, and I

OpenAI announced, yesterday, new functionalities for its ChatGPT platform, expanding the interface to include voice and image capabilities.

Aimed at enhancing user interaction, these features will be rolled out to Plus and Enterprise users over the coming weeks.

Users may now engage in back-and-forth voice conversations with ChatGPT, via a feature powered by OpenAI’s new text-to-speech model.


I was blessed to catch a CNN interview with Former Google CEO and Executive Chair, Eric Schmidt, earlier this year.

With what seems like the majority of folks, including the CNN reporter, focusing on the dangers of AI, Schmidt sees its benefits.

Schmidt’s take is an important one for lawyers and law firms, who and the people they serve

Microsoft wil start selling its AI software, CoPilot, on November 1. CoPilot will be priced at $30 a person per month, which comes on top of the price for the legacy Office 365 suite.

Will Feuer of the The Wall Street Journal reports,

The Copilot software is designed to help employees with building PowerPoint presentations, managing their Outlook inbox