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I blogged last week that AI (ChatGPT) enabled me to summarize books for purpose of blogging and learning.

The New York Times’ Steven Kurtuz reports this week on an interactive reading experience, -were by AI.

Two philosophy professors, John Kaag and Clancy Martin, have started a publishing venture called Rebind.

Rebind takes classic texts in the public domain and pairs

Setting intentional goals is the fastest way to create the lives and businesses we want. So why do so many of us either not set goals or forget about them altogether soon after we set them? You’ll get the answer to that question and more in this episode of Be a Better Lawyer Podcast. Plus, I’m sharing: ✨ What a

Ever wonder what it takes to have incredible inner strength? To be unshakeable? Today I’m sharing some of my favorite lessons that I’ve learned on becoming unshakeable in my life, law practice, and business. In this episode of Be a Better Lawyer, you’ll learn: 🔥 4 lessons to become unshakeable in any situation 🔥 a surprising requirement to being unshakeable