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You want to grow — personally and in your law practice. You’re working your buns off, but it feels like you’ve hit a block. You’re not sure how much harder you can work and ask yourself, “Shouldn’t it be easier?” Yes, it should be easier, and it can be easier. In today’s episode you’ll find out what you need to

Your money relationship determines the pace at which you can grow. Our relationship with money is only as strong as our relationship with ourselves and our ability to handle uncomfortable emotions. After listening to this episode of Be a Better Lawyer, you’ll know: 👉 why changing our relationship with money feels so hard 👉 how having a rocky relationship with

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of intentional mindset when growing your law firm. The state of our emotions determines our capabilities. And our mindset determines the state of our emotions. So when I help lawyers make decisions about their plan to grow their law firm growths, the biggest obstacle to making better decisions and implementing those better decisions isn’t

Today we’re going to smooth some rough edges causing you to waste time and money in your practice. It’s hard to see these areas on our own for four reasons: Ignorance. You just don’t know what you don’t know. There’s no way to change something you haven’t even thought about changing. Inertia. If you’ve been practicing any length of time,

Releasing past history is a requirement for leveling up our lives. All of us have old decisions and old ways of being that follow us around and weigh us down like rocks in a backpack. But did you know you can learn to release the rocks, so you can go to the next level in your life? It’s all about

Do you worry about what your clients think of you? Even if you think, “Not really,” what you’ll learn today about what your brain thinks about them may surprise you. In this episode of Be a Better Lawyer, you’ll learn how your brain’s thoughts about your clients could be negatively impacting how much money you make in your practice and

“Think happy thoughts.” “Eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive.” “Have a stiff upper lip.” Society has told us that to feel bad is to be bad. That we need to be “more positive.” What if that wasn’t the way at all? What if we just need better tools to navigate negative emotions? In this episode you’ll learn: ✅ what

Do you consume or do you apply?  Our school system taught us to consume and regurgitate. It didn’t teach us to integrate. So if you’ve growth up with this “in one ear and out the other” habit, you may be spending lots of time consuming and very little applying material you learn here or on other channels. That’s about to