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Today I want to introduce you to my new friend, Judith Gaton. She’s smart, she’s sassy, and she has a fashion sense. Judith also happens to be a former managing partner turned style coach. In our conversation, we talk exactly how she shifted from litigator to coach while practicing full time. As you know, I made the same shift, and

What’s your relationship with money? Like any good relationship, it takes connecting on a deep level. Most people do not have a deep connection to money because we’ve never talked about it. In today’s episode of Be a Better Lawyer Podcast, I’ve invited Rho Thomas to share her incredible story with you to inspire you to take action on bettering

There’s a difference between taking any action and taking massive action. Not just any action will do. But when we’re poised to take massive action, our body rebels. It goes into a fear response that stops most people in their tracks. Not you though because you’ll have this episode to fuel your desires. If you’ve ever wanted to make more

Masculine and feminine lawyering styles are usually discussed as if they’re at odds with each other. In this episode of Be a Better Lawyer Podcast, you’ll discover why they’re not at odds. They complement each other when balanced. You’ll learn:

  • the difference between masculine and feminine energies in your law practice
  • the problems with over-indexing in the masculine OR the

Time is power. People with money buy time because time creates opportunities. You can create opportunities to grow your business, connect with loved ones, generate new ideas, and live your life fully. Join me for Time Management Coachapalooza where you’ll learn to use your time masterfully. Save your spot here. I’ll coach you one-on-one, so you can learn how to

Three beliefs are in the way of you feeling more peace-of-mind every day in your practice and in your life. Not recognizing these beliefs and changing them is costing you your peace of mind. Our peace-of-mind is everything, but we undervalue it. We think that it’s a “nice to have” rather than a “must have.” Without peace of mind, we

How do you feel when you hear the word “networking?” If you’re anything like me, you want to avoid anything has to do with networking. What if I asked you if you wanted to get to know some people? A little better? When I changed how I framed networking, I learned that it could actually be fun. In this episode,

Whatever results you have in your life right now were created because of a belief you had in yourself, your abilities, or what was possible. You went to law school. Presumably you believed that you’d make it through law school, pass the Bar, and get a job. You’d only invest 6 figures in yourself ahead of time because you had

If you’re putting off the hard stuff in your practice or personal life, there’s nothing wrong with you. Your brain is working exactly as designed. However, you may take issue with what it’s doing because you’re not doing the hard things you need to do to up-level your life. In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • how our brain works
  • why our