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Last week we talked about how to become a powerful creator in your life. This week, we’re talking about a potent strategy to help yourself become that powerful creator both in your law practice and in your life: your words. You may not pay attention to the words you use, but words reflect what you believe. Words can open you

You get to intentionally design your life. But so often we let inertia prevent us from creating change. In this episode, learn how to become a powerful creator in your life and your law practice and get inspired to take action to make the change you want. WORK WITH ME I help lawyers take control of their practice, find fulfillment

Panic isn’t something lawyers like to talk about because it feels vulnerable to talk about. Not only that, but feeling panicked can be paralyzing; we get a sense of overwhelm and don’t know what to do to get out of it. Panic clouds our thinking and decision-making abilities. What if I told you that you have more power over it

Today, you’ll learn the two key aspects of thought work most lawyers miss whether you’ve been doing this work for a while or are brand new to it. These two aspects were what I was missing for the longest time. Knowing the mindset basics we talked about in last week’s episode helped me feel better, and I could see changes,

This is a Masterclass on Mindset that’s essential for anyone who’s a student of this work. I decided to break this topic up into two parts. These episodes work with each other so don’t skip this one if you think you know the material already. In Part One of Mindset Essentials, you’re going to learn: 👉 the difference between mindset

How does your law practice feel? Hard? Scary? Anxious? Nauseous? Easy? Calm? Peaceful? Joyful?  Pick one feeling that is the most predominant. This feeling you have in your body right now comes from what you’re thinking about your law practice. This feeling is the foundation you’re building your law practice on. Think of your law practice as a house. The foundation

When was the last time you felt resentful? All of us have felt resentment before, but most of us don’t know what to do about it. Staying stuck in resentment prevents us from creating open lines of communication and asking for what we want. In this episode of Be a Better Lawyer Podcast, you’ll learn how to: ✅ notice when

    Ever wonder why you’re not making the progress you want to see in your law practice or your life? You’re a go-getter who works hard and gets things done. So what’s happening? It could be because you’re over-learning. What’s over-learning? So glad you asked. In this episode of Be a Better Lawyer Podcast: ✅ you’ll learn what over-learning

Ever thought about changing up your appearance? You think about wearing red lipstick, but you hear a voice telling you, “That’s too much.” You want to wear a flashier suit, and you hear a voice asking, “What will people think?” You consider changing your hairstyle or hair color, but a voice says, “Mmm, that’s probably not a great idea.” Any

Today’s Be a Better Lawyer is all about feeling good, my friend. I’m sharing a tool I use with my clients to help them regulate their nervous system whenever they feel an emotion like stress, anxiety, overwhelm, shame, guilt, or any other unwanted emotion. When you practice processing your emotions with this tool instead of avoiding or pushing them away,