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This episode is for the lawyers dreaming of leaving their offices to start a new business. A lot of new entrepreneurs don’t continue building their businesses because they believe three myths that can crumble your self-esteem if you don’t know what to look for. Believing these myths can have you: 😫 self-sabotaging a good thing without thinking about long-term consequences

Constraining what you do in your law practice and when you do it is a powerful tool to calm the overwhelm you may be feeling and accelerate progress towards your goals. Today I’m sharing how to apply constraint in your practice, so you can achieve your goals faster. In this episode you’ll learn:

  • what exactly constraint is in terms of

If you’re the kind of person who thinks you’re the kind of person who just needs to work all the time, this episode of Be a Better Lawyer is for You. In this episode, you’ll learn: 👉 the questions I ask myself to become more focused 👉 practices to rejuvenate yourself mid-day 👉 the hidden benefit of giving yourself what

If you feel bogged down by the day-to-day casework in your law practice, today’s episode of Be a Better Lawyer is a must-listen. When we don’t devote even a small time to thinking big picture in our businesses, we aren’t running the business. The business runs us. In this episode, you’ll discover how I think about my business that’s helped

Are you a Checklist Lawyer? If so, you’re wasting time, energy, and creating frustration in your practice. By necessity, lawyers work by a lot of checklists, but the Checklist Mentality is hurting lawyers more than helping. In today’s episode of Be A Better Lawyer, I’m sharing how being in a Checklist Mentality is stunting the growth of your practice and

If you want to grow your law practice (or even simply survive it!), demanding energy has to go. In this episode of Be a Better Lawyer, I’m sharing the concepts of Demanding and Expanding Energies. One contracts you and your practice, and the other — you guessed it — helps you expand into the biggest version of you and what’s

If you feel like you’re managing chaos in your law practice, listen into this episode. I’m sharing with you two of the most common mistakes I see my clients make, that I see other lawyers making, and I even make them myself from time-to-time. I’m sharing:

  • why so many lawyers feel like their practice is chaotic and don’t know how

WORK WITH ME I help lawyers take control of their practice, find fulfillment and create a life they love. Work with me to start implementing what you’re learning in this podcast. Book a Strategy Session with me, and we’ll elevate how you practice the law and how you build your business. During your session, I’ll ask you questions to help

Diagnosing and solving next level problems in your law practice is the difference between feeling overwhelmed and calm. It’s the difference between feeling like you’re drowning and enjoying your practice. But our brains don’t automatically see these next level problems and instead diagnose superficial problems. The next level problem is the biggest domino to make change for you. In this