I was blessed to catch a CNN interview with Former Google CEO and Executive Chair, Eric Schmidt, earlier this year.

With what seems like the majority of folks, including the CNN reporter, focusing on the dangers of AI, Schmidt sees its benefits.

Schmidt’s take is an important one for lawyers and law firms, who and the people they serve

Microsoft wil start selling its AI software, CoPilot, on November 1. CoPilot will be priced at $30 a person per month, which comes on top of the price for the legacy Office 365 suite.

Will Feuer of the The Wall Street Journal reports,

The Copilot software is designed to help employees with building PowerPoint presentations, managing their Outlook inbox

OpenAI continues to make noteworthy advancements in artificial intelligence.

Cade Metz and Tiffany Hsu of The New York Times report this morning that OpenAI has combined its DALL-E image generator with its popular chatbot, ChatGPT.

What Does This Mean?

Simply put, DALL-E 3 can now create detailed images based on textual descriptions provided by legal publishers. Not only can a

Blogging with an AI powered publishing assistant may best be done as a conversation.

Poet and professor of English in the Professional Writing program at the University of North North Carolina Wilmington, Lance Cummings shares,

Artificial intelligence can be a great to tool for creative writing poetry… and I’ve been doing it for months now.

It’s like having

Seth Godin’s post yesterday was spot on as to internal discussions at LexBlog, Inc. on why an AI powered publishing assistant on our publishing platform.

What’s this AI asssiant for? How will we know it worked?

From Seth,

Engineering is the powerful practice of being able to deliver artifacts that do what they’re supposed to. Bridges that don’t fall down,