Generating a state bar association newsletter from their member lawyer’s blog posts would be a relatively easy thing to do – and be valuable to lawyers, the bar and supporters (sponsors) of the bar.

Supported by sponsors, the newsletter would be a revenue generator for the bar.

The Open Legal Blog Archive receives close to 10,000 legal blog posts a month, most written by member lawyers of state bar associations.

Using LexBlog’s publishing platform, and LexBlog is a backer of the Archive, a weekly or monthly newsletter could be generated from the blog posts from members of the subject bar and emailed to member subscribers.

To make things easier for a bar association the Archive could serve as the “editor” of the newsletter, screening for strong and credible law blog posts for each newsletter.

Features could include:

  • The bar association could complement the posts in the newsletter with a piece of their own.
  • Each email entry would include a title to the post, an excerpt from the post, an image and a link to the post on the blog or the Archive.
  • Author’s name would be linked to their profile with relevant links to their blog and firm.
  • Sponsor advertisements.
  • Prompt to subscribe.
  • Promotion of the bar and the good things the bar does for lawyers and the public.
  • Highlighting of bar events.
  • Podcast promotion/play.

The newsletter would be on a platform receiving regular publishing and tech updates – all without any work by the bar, and at no additional expense of the bar’s.

I confess that someone working for a bar association shared this idea with me.

She saw all the good law blog content being archived. When coupled with LexBlog technology she saw the potential of a valuable email newsletter resource for the bar that would save existing bar employee time doing newsletters – and even make money for the bar.

I think this is a cool idea. What do you think?