I’m in favor of legal blogs covering a niche.

Niche blogs become must have reading for people. Doesn’t matter if it’s one hundred, one thousand or ten thousand readers. You have the readers that matter.

You also develop a heck of a name in the process. A name not just in the niche subject, but a name as someone who has initiative and who is willing to share helpful information with others.

These are must have traits and skills if you’re looking to get a job in the law or build a book of business.

Want to get followed and get known today?

Publish a blog on what each of the fifty states is doing in regard to their bar exams during the pandemic.

It’s all over the board.

  • Some states are requiring applicants to sit for the bar, in person.
  • Some states are postponing the exam – leading to fewer lawyers when we already have an access to legal services problems.
  • Some states are having online exams, which many lawyers are crying foul over. The Montana Supreme Court even overruled an online exam.
  • And other hybrids of these.

A blog doesn’t require commentary, if you don’t want. Lots of successful legal blogs “report” on the law and legal developments. By covering a niche, you’re the only one doing the reporting.

Here, just look up and follow what the states are doing and keep track of new developments. Start with the top ten states, one post for each, and move on.

You’ll find law students, courts, bar associations, lawyers and the media – traditional, trade, and legal bloggers – following you. They will get to know you very well.

To make it easier, LexBlog will comp the blog for you so you’ll you have a nice looking site with a free domain, free hosting, SEO, visibility, coaching and support. You’ll also be able to have email subscribers.

I’ll personally help you on strategy and the approach.

I see this as a perfect fit for a law student or recent law grad.

How about it? You know where to reach me.