A campaign got underway today to grow LexBlog’s worldwide legal blogging network.

This morning, two members of LexBlog’s publishing team began reaching out to legal bloggers in the United States whose blogs are not already in LexBlog’s legal news and commentary network. 

LexBlog announced a few months ago the launch of a first of its kind legal news and commentary network delivering timely and targeted articles from legal bloggers, worldwide. At no cost, legal bloggers could have their blog posts included in legal news reporting and syndication as well as have a personal profile with archives of their blog posts on LexBlog.

The organic growth of new bloggers who joined without prompting or invitation has been impressive with the network growing from 17,000 bloggers who were already publishing on LexBlog’s publishing software solution to close to 19,000 bloggers. 

The task of reaching out to bloggers is not a simple one. Over the last month, our team reviewed over 4,000 legal blogs, mostly from smaller and medium sized law firms, and arrived at a list of about 2,100 credible blogs.

To no one’s surprise, blogs with one post reading “hello world,” blogs offering little real information and blogs no longer being updated were no longer included. Things can be subjective, but we did our best.

LexBlog values relationships. No mass email campaigns here. My team members are sending personal emails.

Emails referencing what they like about the blog. Perhaps what they learned from reading posts or complementing the blogger for the niche covered or the professional way the blog is presented. 

Emails that I hope will develop a trust in LexBlog, especially by legal professionals unfamiliar with LexBlog, our history and our mission to take legal blogging to another level.

We hope to be through this portion of our campaign by about year’s end. We’ll then continue work to recruit blogs from larger law firms, then onto international law blogs, including Canada, which I heard over the weekend has 500 pretty good law blogs.

Legal blogger and want to join?  It’s easy. Just go to LexBlog’s Membership Page.