Welcome to Friday—you made it! And now, on to the weekend. But first, check out the new blogs hitting LXBN this week. Then be sure to schedule yourself time to read them over Thanksgiving weekend. Kidding! Read them beforehand:

  • The team at Ortiz and Schick launched the Fair Housing Issues Review. They’re ready and able to offer property managers and owners insight and assistance in navigating through the various fair housing matters they encounter, especially as it relates to the Fair Housing Act.
  • Securities Law Exchange is the latest blog from the Bass, Berry & Sims firm. Be sure to check here if you’re ever looking for commentary and practical insight on SEC updates for publicly traded companies.
  • And last, but not least, King, Krebs & Jurgens have launched the Offshore Winds blog. This blog will encompass the vastness of the lawyers’ experience within the marine and maritime business, from oil and gas exploration to insurers and financial institutions doing business in these industries.