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In 2021, the total lobbying spending in the United States amounted to $3.73 billion. The total number of unique, registered lobbyists who actively lobbied in the United States was 12,137.

For some careers, having a higher education degree can give you a competitive advantage. This holds true for legislative staff and lobbyists. Many of them earn their bachelor’s degree

Earning a degree from McGeorge opens the door to endless Post-LLM career opportunities. A Master of Laws, or LLM degree, enables specialization in a particular area of law. At McGeorge School of Law, we offer a water and environmental law LLM program. Imagine that you seek an LLM degree at McGeorge. What are the benefits? Specialization provides opportunities whether you seek

When deciding on what school to attend, there are many factors to consider, including the program, the location, its network, and its flexibility. You should also think about how the school can benefit your legal education and your future career. 
McGeorge School of Law can enhance your career with specialized online degree programs, including a Master of Science in Law

Chris Micheli is an adjunct professor in McGeorge School of Law’s JD and online MSL programs. He teaches the Legislatures and Lawmaking and Lobbying and Politics courses. Micheli, a lobbyist for over 25 years, is the founding partner of Aprea & Micheli, Inc., a governmental relations and advocacy firm in Sacramento, California.
Micheli recently spoke with Clémence Kucera, the

The McGeorge Master of Science in Law online programs prepare professionals in various fields and positions to work in law or in roles that intersect with legal issues. The MSL provides students with the legal knowledge and skills required to enhance their current jobs without the need to practice law.

McGeorge offers two online Master of Science in Law degrees

Why California Water Law Is So Important
California’s arid climate contributes to its unique water conditions. Current laws provide a useful framework for managing water, but improvements are imperative if California is to provide safe drinking water, adapt to climate change, and protect its ecosystems. McGeorge’s professor of Water Resources Law, Jennifer Harder, describes proposed reforms to California water

If government and law is your passion, there are many areas you can work. Lobbying is one of them. If you have ever wondered how to become a lobbyist, you have come to the right place. 
What is a lobbyist?
Lobbyists are professional advocates that work to influence political decisions on behalf of individuals and organizations. This advocacy could lead