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Professor Rebecca Olson is a full-time attorney, one of the founding partners of Miller and Olson, LLP, who specializes in political, campaign, election, and nonprofit law. Professor Olson provides legal advice to corporations and trade associations; serves as general counsel and treasurer to many campaign committees for local, state, and federal candidates; handles matters relating to compliance with campaign, lobby,

As California continues to grow, water rights continue to play an important, though often controversial, role in shaping its future. According to the Water Education Foundation, California’s growth has closely paralleled an evolving and complex system of water rights. So where do we go from here?For some context, California has two kinds of water rights. First, there are the

A Discussion about Tuition, Financial Aid, and Earning an Online Graduate Degree

In a recent webinar titled, “How to Pay for a Masters Degree,” McGeorge School of Law’s faculty explained everything you need to know about the funding we offer, special financial assistance options, scholarships, and more. Clémence Kucera, Assistant Dean for the Graduate, Online, and International Programs, was

In 2021, the total lobbying spending in the United States amounted to $3.73 billion. The total number of unique, registered lobbyists who actively lobbied in the United States was 12,137.

For some careers, having a higher education degree can give you a competitive advantage. This holds true for legislative staff and lobbyists. Many of them earn their bachelor’s degree

Earning a degree from McGeorge opens the door to endless Post-LLM career opportunities. A Master of Laws, or LLM degree, enables specialization in a particular area of law. At McGeorge School of Law, we offer a water and environmental law LLM program. Imagine that you seek an LLM degree at McGeorge. What are the benefits? Specialization provides opportunities whether you seek