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Another topic that Ray LeBov and I have put thought into is advice for organizations hiring a lobbyist. There are numerous things to think about when you’re hiring an employee lobbyist or a contract lobbyist, and we offer some of our best practice suggestions for navigating that process.

Regardless of the type of individual an organization has to hire,

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One of the most critical things for a lobbyist to get right is the lobbyist-client relationship. This is something my colleague Ray LeBov and I have written about before and the most important advice we can impart is that expectations need to be set early by both parties – what does the client expect from the lobbyist? What does

A new scholarship at the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law will support students involved with the school’s Rugby Football Club.During the past five months, 72 individual donors contributed more than $50,000 towards the McGeorge Rugby Club Endowed Scholarship. Because of the University’s Powell Match program, the endowment will double in size to more than $100,000. The Powell

Mindy Danovaro describes herself as a relationship fundraiser. As the senior assistant dean for advancement at the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law, Danovaro has excelled at cultivating donors through interpersonal relationships and establishing long-term relationships with law school constituencies.“Attorneys change the world. They influence society and advocate for clients in every sector. Lawyers don’t just do trials.

The University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law is building on its commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging by joining the California Leadership-Access-Workforce (Cal LAW) Pathways program as one of the program’s institutional partners.

The program aims to establish a pipeline of diverse students from high schools, community colleges, four-year institutions, and law schools into law or law-related

Over the years, my colleague, Ray LeBov, and I have seen some mistakes that are common among new lobbyists but have also been made by more experienced advocates as well. I’ll detail some of those here.
Not reading the bill
Don’t rely on someone else’s description or understanding of the bill. Read the bill and any committee or floor