McGeorge School of Law

After every Craft Beer Law class I teach at McGeorge, I select one or two papers to publish on this blog. This year’s first victim is Chloe Fisher.  Chloe is an outstanding student, law review editor, and generally a great writer.  In this article, she explores several constitutional issues with the way California regulates the distributor-manufacturer relationship.  Enjoy –DC (note

Kevan Rolfness, ’19, decided to pursue a Master’s in Public Policy at McGeorge School of Law because he believed that it would give him the toolkit needed to further his career. Rolfness is a Housing Policy Specialist at the California Department of Housing and Community Development, and he uses the skills he learned at McGeorge daily in his career.

Consider the following scenario:

Sam, a 2L trans woman who uses “they/them” pronouns, answers a question and the professor responds by asking the rest of the class, “Do you agree with his argument?” Sam quietly stares down at their desk, hoping not to draw attention to themself. It was an innocuous follow up question during a typical seminar, yet Sam

Leah Adams, ’07, was recently hired as the Assistant Dean of Students and Career Services at McGeorge School of Law. Adams oversees and manages the Student Services Office and Career Services Office (CSO), which is becoming a combined Office of Student and Career Services. Her first day was July 1.“The most important thing people need to know about