Ahmed Bakry, ’23, is currently enrolled in McGeorge School of Law’s LLM in Transnational Business Practice Program. He is originally from Cairo, Egypt. His family’s extensive law background made him a curious child growing up, which transformed into the passion he has today for law. After graduation, Bakry plans to take the Bar Exam and hopes to make both

One of the most important things I work on with my clients is nervous system regulation. It helps them feel better no matter what’s happening in their life or how anxious or overwhelmed they feel at work or at home. It also helps them go after big goals with more ease when their sympathetic nervous system (the system that governs

An advocate of global citizenship, Emmanuel “Mickey” Ortega, LLM ’20, passed the California Bar Exam in 2021. One year later, he was elected as the president of the University of Saint Anthony (USANT), a 75-year-old non-profit educational institution with over 7,000 students and 450 employees.”Iriga City, where USANT is located, couldn’t be more different from Sacramento,” Ortega said. “But the

Seyfarth Synopsis: Taking it down to the wire, Governor Newsom approved the vast majority of labor and employment bills that ran the legislative gauntlet, including bills that will expand pay data reporting and pay scale disclosure requirements, extend COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave, create mandatory wages and working conditions for fast food workers, and more.

On the night before his

Robert Rodriguez, class of 2024

The McGeorge Alternative Summer Advantage Program (“McGeorge ASAP”) is a self-directed volunteer summer legal research project created by alum Lexi Purich Howard and former Asst. Dean of Career Development Molly Stafford in response to COVID-19.  Today, the program provides students with a means of fine-tuning their research and writing skills while

Jill gives Three Tasks that need an attorney assistants when your head coach is terminated and or you are terminated.  1) Contract Review 2) Redline Contract 3) Research State Laws Jill is avaialbe for Emergency Contract Services. Please schedule a call if you are in this unfortunate situation. Jill Cell 559-250-0151. Click on link and go to calendly link to

Today I want to introduce you to my new friend, Judith Gaton. She’s smart, she’s sassy, and she has a fashion sense. Judith also happens to be a former managing partner turned style coach. In our conversation, we talk exactly how she shifted from litigator to coach while practicing full time. As you know, I made the same shift, and