One of the things I hear most from lawyers is that they can’t follow through. They think the problem is they need more discipline or they’re lazy.  But if you’re driven to succeed that’s definitely not the case. There’s a very different problem happening in our brain that we have little or no awareness of. Once we do, it becomes

Immigration lawyer, and one of the first lawyers to publish to the net, Greg Siskind, shared on LinkedIn last night that GPT4 reduced a 500 page immigration bill introduced yesterday by Representatives Escobar and Salazar.

Siskind says, “In the past, I would have camped out at a Starbucks and probably spent a day producing a summary like this.”


The New York Times’ Stuart Thompson reports dozens of fringe news websites, content farms, and fake reviewers are using artificial intelligence (AI) to create inauthentic content online, according to two reports released by NewsGuard and ShadowDragon.

The AI-generated content includes fabricated events, medical advice, and celebrity death hoaxes, raising concerns about the technology’s potential to reshape the misinformation landscape online.

A construction project can be delayed for a multitude of reasons. Where the cause of the delay is not force majeure, or other excusable delay by a contractor, and where the contractor has some fault, what level of actions must a contractor take to satisfy the terms “best efforts” or “reasonable efforts” or “commercially reasonable efforts” often used in the ‘efforts