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The staggering numbers in our credit card debt crisis say a lot about the United States’ relationship with personal finance. Every dollar adds a strand to a tightly knotted web of borrowed stress, where the average American household carries nearly $7,000 in credit card debt. With a total national debt surpassing $1.13 trillion, it’s clear this isn’t just a financial

If you’re involved in a car accident in Scottsdale, it’s important to understand that the road to recovery may be long and challenging. In addition to sustaining injuries and dealing with vehicle damage, you’ll also need to navigate the legal system to receive compensation for your damages. Unfortunately, there are several mistakes that people often make when pursuing a car

Getting arrested for a DUI is a serious offense that can have life-long consequences. It can lead to losing your driver’s license, getting fined, and even going to jail. Scottsdale, Arizona, has strict laws that can lead to severe penalties if you are convicted of DUI. But, are you aware of what to do during those first critical moments after

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious criminal offense in Scottsdale, Arizona. The law has zero tolerance for DUI due to the risks involved, and a conviction can be life-changing. If you have been arrested for DUI in Scottsdale, you need an experienced DUI lawyer like me, Thomas Law. In this article, we will discuss the consequences of a

Being charged with a DUI in Arizona can be a daunting experience, especially if you are not aware of what the different levels of DUI charges in Scottsdale entail. As the leading DUI lawyer in Scottsdale, I understand that these charges can be overwhelming, which is why I have compiled this comprehensive guide on the various levels of DUI charges.

Filing for bankruptcy can be a difficult decision, but often a necessary one. As an experienced bankruptcy law firm in Scottsdale, AZ, we understand the many concerns our clients have about protecting their assets during the bankruptcy process. When it comes to bankruptcy in Arizona, certain assets can be protected. In this article, we will discuss what these assets are