Vladislav Neuhold, ’22, traveled from Salzburg, Austria to Sacramento, California to pursue an LLM degree in Transnational Business Practice to advance his knowledge of the subject and develop the skills necessary to excel in the global economy. 

A native of Traunstein, Germany, Neuhold first learned of the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law while attending Paris Lodron Universität of Salzburg, where McGeorge School of Law has hosted its renowned Graduate Study Abroad Program for five decades. 

“I decided to study at the McGeorge School of Law because of its enhanced relationship with the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg,” Neuhold said. “The universities have an excellent relationship, enabling students from both schools to receive an international education. I appreciate this intercultural collaboration.” 

After studying law in Austria, Neuhold decided to explore his interest in International Business Law at McGeorge.  

“The LLM studies connect the experience I gained through my Austrian legal studies and work for Austrian courts, to my business experience working in the travel industry for more than a decade,” Neuhold explained. 

As he reflects on the classes that he took at McGeorge, Neuhold says Transnational Litigation and Investment Arbitration were especially enjoyable. Neuhold is also passionate about alternative dispute resolution, which he explored in classes such as Negotiation and Mediation. 

“These classes teach social skills to implement alternative conflict settlement mechanisms through dialogue,” Neuhold remarked. “These mechanisms can achieve win-win situations for all parties, while enhancing the effectiveness of the settlement.” 

As a student, Neuhold found opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities that connected with both professional and personal interests. He was a member of the Business Law Association and International Law Society, as well as a co-founder and president of the McGeorge Soccer Group. 

Neuhold also held the prestigious position of student research assistant in Dean Michael Hunter Schwartz’s Office. Neuhold conducted research for Dean Schwartz on cutting-edge topics such as “Neuroscience in Teaching Law” and “Multi-Cultural Education and its Business Impact.” 

“Vladi was an excellent research assistant, speedy, insightful, and accurate. He accomplished much more than I would have typically expected of a student in this role,” Schwartz said. 

Neuhold says that the kind attitude of the McGeorge community has been one of his favorite aspects of living in the United States.  

“People in California, and especially at McGeorge, are extremely friendly and helpful. This spreads an environment of positivity, leading to personal growth,” Neuhold said. 

As an alumnus, Neuhold will return to Europe, where he plans to work in the commercial law sector as a corporate lawyer or legal counsel for companies in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). He also plans to draw upon the professional network that he built while studying in Sacramento. 

“I would highly recommend the LLM program to people who are interested in engaging with other cultures and would like to improve their personal and language skills,” Neuhold advised. “My studies in transnational business practices have certainly deepened my legal commercial knowledge. Thank you for everything to McGeorge and its community!” 

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