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This week Jill, Michael and Joe discuss the difference between Representing Major League Baseball players vs NFL players. We discussed the difference between the MLB draft NFL draft, fees, and salary structure. Michael McGinnes and Joe Guzman represent Major League Baseball players. There company is called Enpowerment Sports Group. ig @empowermentsg Joe twitter & ig is @JosephRGuzman, joseph@empowermentsportsgroup.com Michael is

Andy Frye Sportwriter for Forbes and Author of Ninety Days in the Nineties and Jill Discuss Andy’s most interesting sports interviews, (Billie Jean King and Tom Brady) Andy  book Ninety Days in 90’s Order Andy Book and the Difference between Sports in the Nineties vs 2022. Andy has done a lot of interviews his perspective was quite interesting!  If you

Kevin and Jill discuss the Questions NFL teams want answered at the combine and How and Where to Train for the NFL Combine. To set up a meeting with Jill to discuss representation call 559-250-0151 or email jill at jillbaxter@me.com. Ig @agentjillbaxter Twitter @agentjillbaxter visit jill’s website https://www.jillmcbridebaxter.com Subscribe and share this esisode with anyone you know that might

Jill discusses Why your Employee Manual, Health Benefits and Retirement benefits need to be reviewed before you get terminated or leave a Coaching position.  Jill has Emergency Contract Services to help Advise you on your situation. Schedule a Meeting. Text Jill at 559-250-0151 or email jillbaxter@me.comhttps://calendly.com/jillbaxter/one-on-one-meeting Jill’s other Services.  https://linktr.ee/jillmcbridebaxter Follow Jill on ig @agentjillbaxter Follow Jill on

Jill gives Three Tasks that need an attorney assistants when your head coach is terminated and or you are terminated.  1) Contract Review 2) Redline Contract 3) Research State Laws Jill is avaialbe for Emergency Contract Services. Please schedule a call if you are in this unfortunate situation. Jill Cell 559-250-0151. Click on link and go to calendly link to

Joe Fernandez, former Fresno State Football and NFL player and Jill  discuss how Joe navigated his career after football. Three important points came from this interview Hardwork + Helping people + Good mentors = Success.  If you need help getting a mortgage email Joe! joefernandez@loandepot.com Jill is a 32 veteran Sports Attorney, representing Coaches, Players, Athletic Directors, Media, NIL Consultant,