McGeorge Law Today is a syndicated legal blogging community for legal bloggers who are members of the McGeorge community. It is intended to feature blog posts related to legal doctrine and its development, the practice of law; legal education; diversity, equity, and inclusion in the law, the legal profession, and legal education; legislation; regulations; practice management and legal technology; lawyer ethics; lawyer wellbeing; and other topics that relate to the work of members of the McGeorge School of Law (“McGeorge”) community. The goal is to promote the excellence of the law school and its alumni and not to create a public forum.

McGeorge manages McGeorge Law Today and encourages posts that are timely, of broad interest, well-written, and provide helpful analysis. McGeorge reserves an absolute right to remove posts for any reason or no reason. Among other things, McGeorge reserves the right to remove posts that are:

  • Self-promoting. For instance, blog posts about a lawyer’s promotion within the firm or other organization are not appropriate. Press releases about a firm, an award, or other accolade would fall into this category.
  • Advertisements. Blogs should not promote legal services or continuing legal education (CLE) offerings, products, or services other than those produced, offered, or provided by McGeorge.
  • Offensive. Blog posts containing defamatory, abusive, threatening, or offensive statements or language will be removed.

Again, McGeorge reserves the right to remove any post from McGeorge Law Today if it deems, in its sole discretion, that the post does not meet the above Blog Post Inclusion Criteria, or if, for any other reason, McGeorge does not deem the blog post appropriate for McGeorge Law Today.