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University of the Pacific secured 62 grants from federal, state and county agencies totaling more than $36 million—one of the best years for government grants in school history.The dramatic increase in fiscal year 2023—double the amount awarded to Pacific in 2022—was largely driven by three of the university’s largest grants, which include $6 million for the School of Health Sciences

Retiring faculty leave lasting imprint on PacificWilliam Herrin, 37 years

Herrin was awarded two year-long Fulbright scholarships to teach and conduct research at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.

“To receive one Fulbright is an amazing accomplishment. To receive two is almost impossible, and that says so much about Bill,” said College of the Pacific Dean Lee Skinner.

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The University of the Pacific honored fifty faculty members at the 2023 Faculty Retirement and Years of Service Celebration on Wednesday, May 3. During the celebration, three McGeorge School of Law faculty were recognized for teaching at the law school for 40 years or longer. Distinguished Professor Stephen McCaffrey and Professor Christine Manolakas have both served on the law faculty

In 1989, Professor Larry Levine remembers teaching a remarkably bright class of first-year evening students. He fondly recalls that Elizabeth “Beth” O’Neill was one of the brightest among them.

The Class of 1993 at University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law was taught by a group of young, untenured professors who became legendary faculty, including Professor Emerita Julie Davies

McGeorge School of Law prides itself on being at the forefront of law teaching and learning, and our faculty continues to prove it. Associate Dean for Scholarship Franklin GevurtzDistinguished Professor Mike Vitiello, and Dean Michael Hunter Schwartz each created, published books for, and continue to serve as the editors of their own textbook series.

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The Executive Board of the Public Legal Services Society at McGeorge School of Law works to engage students in meaningful public assistance and public policy-related legal work. (From left to right) Megan Shaw, Alek Kocher, and Kirsten Weber pose for a photo in the back row of the image. Winnie Ellerman, Alexis Martinez, Katherine Van Horn,