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In part two of our discussion, Lita shares more information on the programs and services offered by Waymakers. She also talks about the role confidentiality plays when victims speak with victim advocates.

If you have any questions about the material discussed in the series, please contact the California Victims Resource Center (formerly the Victims of Crime Resource Center) at 1-800-VICTIMS

Lita Mercado joins the show for the first of a two-part discussion on the services provided by Waymakers. First, Lita discusses the history and mission of Waymakers, then talks about the services and eligibility requirements for receiving assistance through Waymakers. Finally, Lita details the differences relative advantages of government and community based victim services organizations.

o Laura Valdes from the Yolo County Victim Assistance Center is our guest on this episode. She shares information on some of the services provided by Victim Assistances Centers across California. Laura also discusses some of the most common questions asked by crime victims, and she talks about the barriers they face in learning about victim services. Finally, she tells

Lynda Gledhill joins the show to provide information on the California Victims Compensation Board. She reviews how to apply to the program, and how applications are either approved or denied. We also discuss several other topics, such as the expenses that qualify for payment from CalVCB and emergency expenses.

If you have any questions about the material discussed in the

In part one of this episode, Dr. Ramezani discusses how a crime victim’s mental health can be impacted by being the victim of a crime, and the some of the common responses he sees in victims after the crime. He talks about the role of Post-traumatic stress has in a victim’s recovery process, and he introduces several factors that affect