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In the wake of the California Supreme Court’s decision further clarifying whether the state’s wage statement law applies to certain employees residing in California, the Ninth Circuit elaborated that federal law does not override state law on this issue. The circuit court decision builds further upon the California court’s development of the Ward test, which uses an employee’s principal place

On Wednesday, a panel of the California Court of Appeal’s First District unanimously held that venue for an action alleging violation of California’s Private Attorneys General Act (“PAGA”) is proper in any county where an allegedly aggrieved employee worked and suffered violations of the Labor Code. In Crestwood Behavioral Health, Inc. v. Superior Court of Alameda County, the Court of

Effective January 1, 2021, plaintiffs who bring whistleblower retaliation claims under California Labor Code section 1102.5 will be eligible to recover attorneys’ fees if they prevail. Labor Code section 1102.5 prohibits employers from retaliating against an employee who (1) discloses information the employee reasonably believes constitutes unlawful conduct to: a government agency/law enforcement, a person with authority over the employee,

It seems no region of California has been spared from wildfires or the threat of wildfires in 2020. The one-two punch of scorching wildfires and Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has at times created an unwelcome dilemma for some employers in this state: Move; or maintain operations outdoors amid the increasingly high measure of AQI (Air Quality Index); or keep employees