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Hey friends,I hope everyone had a relaxing Labor Day weekend! My rafting trip down the Green River through Wyoming, Colorado and Utah was so much fun. I was completely off the grid for four days, slept in a tent, bathed in the river, hiked to waterfalls, and even managed to play Capture the Flag. I saw Bighorn sheep, river otters,

There are so many distractions, interruptions and things to do in our busy lives that it is difficult to make time to focus on the things we care about most. Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky both worked at Google designing tech products that aim to distract us. After realizing the effects that modern life were having on their own lives,

Have you ever sent an email then thought the better of it, or realized you forgot the attachment, important information, or some of the recipients? You can prevent these oversights by simply adding a rule to delay delivery of your messages. The delay will hold messages in your Outbox for a specified time after clicking Send, allowing you time to

Today, privileged documents (ranging from emails to client memoranda to retainer agreements) are inadvertently produced to opposing counsel during the discovery process.  At least in theory, the Federal Rules of Evidence do not automatically deem the privilege to have been lost by such inadvertent disclosure.However, as a practical matter, recent case law, including a recent decision handed down by a

August is here! Last month, I went on a short fishing trip to Kenai, Alaska where I saw an active bald eagle nest and caught my first sockeye salmon and halibut. The wilderness of Alaska is simply breathtaking, and I found the experience to be relaxing, yet inspirational. This month I have a 4-day whitewater rafting trip (my first) planned

I recently listened to a podcast interview of Irving Azoff, Chairman of Full Stop Management, which represents recording artists. Azoff was asked an excellent question: what is his “secret sauce” for managing his music clients? His response was:

  • Always make the right decision for the client, and it will be the right decision for you.
  • See rule #1.
  • Think
  • Penal Code section 496(a) makes it illegal to receive any property stolen or obtained in any manner constituting theft, or to conceal, sell, withhold or aid in concealing, selling or withholding any property from its owner, knowing the property to be so stolen or obtained. But here’s the kicker: to deter theft, section 496(c) authorizes any person injured by a

    Hey friends,I hope everyone had a festive and safe Fourth of July weekend. I apologize for the lack of a June 2022 newsletter. But I took some time off to visit family and do some fishing in the Florida Keys. I hope you enjoy July’s newsletter.Stay healthy, focused, and productive.With gratitude,#LEGAL UPDATEEmployers May Compel Arbitration of Employees’ PAGA ClaimsOn June

    If you’re like me, you’ve forgotten countless ideas and failed to write down something you read that resonated with you because you thought you would remember it and then forgot it.According to The Guardian, we receive the equivalent of 174 newspapers in our inboxes every day. The brain is for having ideas not holding onto them.Building a Second Brain is