In this article originally published by CalCPA in the May 2024 issue of California CPA, Eversheds Sutherland Senior Counsel Eric Coffill explores the number of options available when trying to obtain advice from the FTB on planning and policy issues.

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The California Court of Appeal for the Third Appellate District held that the purchase of “discounted” cell phones bundled together with wireless services requires payment of sales tax based on the cell phone’s full price.

Plaintiffs purchased cell phones at a reduced cost, together with wireless services, in a “bundled transaction.” The bundled transaction included the taxable sale of tangible

Good tax legislation. Bad tax legislation. Massive budget shortfall. A November general election around the corner. Curious agency guidance. And looming corporate tax appeal decisions. 2024 is shaping up to be a wild year for California tax.

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The Maine Supreme Judicial Court held that a prescription drug company’s income should be apportioned based on the location where its prescription drugs are received, rather than the headquarters locations of the health plans or employers paying for the drugs.

The drug company sought income tax apportionment based on a “market client basis,” arguing that its services were primarily received

In a recent unreported decision, the Maryland Appellate Court held that taxpayers were not entitled to a 13 percent interest rate on a judgement after the legislature lowered the state’s refund interest rate during the pendency of the taxpayers’ appeal.

The taxpayers successfully challenged the limits that Maryland state law placed on the tax credit for income taxes paid to

A recent significant precedential and unanimous decision by the California Office of Tax Appeals, Matter of the Appeal of Beckwith, provided more guidance on how to determine California domicile and residency for state personal income tax purposes.

In his article for Law360, Eversheds Sutherland Senior Counsel Eric Coffill provides five domicile takeaways and lessons learned from Beckwith.

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