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A construction project can be delayed for a multitude of reasons. Where the cause of the delay is not force majeure, or other excusable delay by a contractor, and where the contractor has some fault, what level of actions must a contractor take to satisfy the terms “best efforts” or “reasonable efforts” or “commercially reasonable efforts” often used in the ‘efforts

In Make UC A Good Neighbor v. Regents of University of California (2023) 88 Cal.App.5th 656, the First Appellate District grappled with a university EIR that served two purposes:  a long range development plan (“LRDP”) and a specific campus housing project.  The LRDP serves as a master plan document for higher education facilities in the UC campus system.  The

Hey friends,I hope your year is off to a great start. Mine has been very busy, but I managed to fulfill a life-long dream to go on a Safari in Tanzania for my 60th Birthday. I’ve always had a fascination with nature. As a child, I had several pets and aquariums, caught and released many animals, collected butterflies, studied birds,

What should you do with smoking gun impeachment evidence: use it during deposition or save it for trial? In his courtroom, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Byrdsong has a sign that says: “Litigation is not poker.” Judge Byrdsong urges counsel to show your cards, right away, face up. In his words, “[t]he litigation process functions well when there is a