What is the Alumni Association Board of Directors? 

The University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law Alumni Association Board of Directors comprises a passionate group of alumni volunteers dedicated to advancing their interests and bolstering the welfare of the esteemed McGeorge School of Law. With a collective mission to serve as the authoritative voice for over 15,000 alumni, the Alumni Board acts as a vital link between the institution and its alumni community, fostering engagement and amplifying the impact of the law school’s initiatives and programs. 

The Alumni Board is actively involved in three key areas. Firstly, they develop and promote a Bridge to Practice Program, aiding in recruitment, mentorship, and job opportunities. Secondly, they work to enhance the law school’s national reputation through strategic initiatives. Thirdly, they support fundraising efforts to ensure the institution’s long-term growth and sustainability. 

Group photo of the McGeorge School of Law Alumni Association Board of Directors in 2022. Photo by Ashley Golledge.

Led by a cadre of distinguished alumni, the Alumni Board operates under the guidance of an executive committee comprised of seasoned leaders. Notably, a significant number of past presidents, totaling 10 out of 39, continue to lend their expertise and support as valued partners in their respective firms, underscoring the enduring commitment of McGeorge alumni to the advancement of legal education and professional excellence. 

What is a partner? 

A partner, within a law firm, holds a senior position and typically shares ownership of the firm. Their role involves overseeing the firm’s operations and contributing to its financial success. 

The following individuals, are past presidents of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, and are currently distinguished partners within their respective firms:  

Photo collage (from left to right, top to down): James Anwyl, ‘77; Carl Blaine, ‘75; Erin Dunston, ‘99; Jeffrey Huron, ‘88; Samuel Jackson, ‘77; Thomas Knox, ‘76; Lauren Layne, ‘10; Jennifer Miller Moss, ‘77; Stephen Wagner, ‘75; and Daniel Wilcoxen, ‘72.  
  • James Anwyl, ‘77, Managing Partner, Anwyl & Stepp, LLP 
  • Carl Blaine, ‘75, Partner, Wagner, Kirkman, Blaine, Klomparens & Youmans 
  • Erin Dunston, ‘99, Partner, Panitch Schwarze Beisario & Nadel LLP 
  • Jeffrey Huron, ‘88, Managing Partner, Dykema 
  • Samuel Jackson, ‘77, Partner, Jackson & Associates 
  • Thomas Knox, ‘76, Partner, Knox, Lemmon & Anapolsky, LLP 
  • Lauren Layne, ‘10, Partner, Baker Manock & Jensen, PC 
  • Jennifer Miller Moss, ‘77, Partner, Moss & Locke 
  • Stephen Wagner, ‘75, Partner, Dick & Wagner 
  • Daniel Wilcoxen, ‘72, Partner, Wilcoxen Callaham, LLP 

In addition to the former Alumni Board presidents serving as partners of law firms, other alumni who have filled the role are experts in a variety of fields such as trial advocacy, employment law, business law, and legal support services.  

Throughout 2024, the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law will celebrate members of its vast alumni network in honor of the school’s 100-year anniversary. This post is part of a series highlighting 100 exceptional McGeorge School of Law alumni.   

Stay tuned for more blog posts as we celebrate the law school’s centennial anniversary.