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The Busy Lawyer’s Ultimate Time Management Guide

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Let’s change the world one lawyer at a time.

Ever received an email from an opposing counsel and felt your chest tighten?

Or dreaded going to court because you knew opposing counsel was going to say or do something you considered unethical or devious?

Just about every lawyer has experienced this.

Not addressing the problem can cause procrastination, rumination, wasting time complaining to people about their behavior, over-drinking, over-eating, and losing sleep over interactions with a single opposing counsel.

We also can’t think as clearly, so simple solutions to problems are harder for our brain to find.

We can begin to think we’re not cut out for the law or litigation and doubt our abilities.

If we don’t know the root cause of these feelings, we can believe it’s the opposing counsel that’s causing them.

That’s a lot of power to give to someone on the other side of counsel table.

In this episode of Be a Better Lawyer Podcast, learn how to handle difficult opposing counsel in a way that puts you in the driver’s seat.