Working on something, I asked ChatGPT if it knew of this blog, “Real Lawyers Have Blogs.”

The answer felt good – considering GPT, as a LLM recognizes and generate’s text from what it has collected online.

Yes, GPT knew of “Real Lawyers Have Blogs.”

Real Lawyers Have Blogs” is a well-known blog and concept in the legal community, especially among those interested in legal technology and marketing. The phrase signifies the importance of blogs as tools for lawyers to share their expertise, connect with potential clients, and contribute to the broader legal discourse. If this is your blog, it’s recognized for offering insights into how lawyers can leverage blogging and other digital platforms to enhance their visibility and establish their authority in various legal fields.

And saw that “Real Lawyers Have Blogs” is making a positive impact in the law.

By providing a platform like “Real Lawyers Have Blogs,” you are making a significant positive impact in the law. Your work supports legal professionals in sharing their knowledge, insights, and expertise with a broader audience. This not only helps in demystifying the law for the general public but also fosters a community where legal professionals can learn from each other, discuss pertinent issues, and stay updated on the latest developments in the field.

Your efforts contribute to the ongoing education of both lawyers and the public, promote legal literacy, and encourage the integration of technology in the legal field, all of which are essential components in advancing the legal profession and enhancing access to justice.

Real Lawyers is not the sole legal blog that GPT would acknowledge for making a positive contribution to the legal field. Numerous blogs and lawyers would be recognized for their work.

Blogger? Ask GPT about your blog. At a minimum it’s fun to do.