Lou, LexBlog’s AI powered publishing assistant, is engineered to execute a comprehensive array of functions.

Lou proficiently handles tasks such as summarizing articles, generating title recommendations, providing structured outlines for blog posts, and facilitating social media content creation, thereby streamlining the publishing process for lawyers and marketing professionals.

In a brief and high level post, Angelo Carosio, a LexBlog developer, reviewed the technology driving Lou, as it applies to some of Lou’s features.

Here’s a bit of what Angelo covered.

Use of Open API

At its core, Lou integrates OpenAI’s API, providing users the same innovative technology that underpins ChatGPT.

Drawing on years of LexBlog’s collaboration with legal writers, Lou is developed with custom and easy to use prompts.

When users make use of such a prompt, Lou customizes the message for OpenAI in order to get the best response for users.

Let’s use the “post ideas” prompt icon where a user is seeking blog post ideas. Lou tailors the prompt, as written below, in order to get an optimum response.

I am going to provide you with a general subject I want to blog about. I want you to respond by providing 5 blog post titles that’d serve as creative ideas for the post. The titles should be of varying styles and on varying specifics.
My idea will be delimited between tags like this: ===START=== and ===END===

Tone and Format Options

Lou accommodates a spectrum of writing styles from casual to professional.

This same flexibility ranges from modifying the tone of entire posts to drafting social media content in various styles.

Behind the scenes, these user preferences are transformed into prompts, enhancing the content creation process, particularly in professional article summarizations.

Here’s an example of a Lou tailored prompt for tone:

Instructions on tone: Your tone should be professional, appropriate in a corporate setting
Instructions on length and style: Write one medium length paragraph.

We’ve refined Lou’s prompts for enhanced performance, maintaining the agility to further optimize them as needed for improving results.

Built into WordPress Block Editor

LexBlog users, already acquainted with WordPress’ Gutenberg block editor, will recognize its role in enabling Lou.

The block editor, developed using the React JavaScript framework, facilitates an app-like, real-time user interaction, eliminating traditional page reloads for content updates. Lou would not have been possible without the Gutenberg block editor.

The LexBlog development team’s experience with React and Gutenberg lays the groundwork for upcoming enhancements and innovative features in the post editor.

A few features and a high level look at the Lou technology. And note that though many lawyers new to AI – most are – Lou drives a conversational approach to AI for lawyers looking for such an experience in the block editor.