Incredible interview of Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella by Emily Chang of Bloomberg.

What a crazy story hearing that Satya had no inclination there was a rift between Sam and the OpenAI board – and to this day he has not talked to anyone on the board as to why they fired Sam.

Yet Satya is happy to support Sam’s return to OpenAI, if that’s what comes of things – so long as there is a change in governance allowing Microsoft to protect itself.

Satya wants to work with Sam whether he’s at Microsoft or OpenAI.

No one can guess how this movie plays out, but with Satya’s strong desire to continue to work with and support OpenAI, and Sam’s likely having a hard time working in a beuracracy like Microsoft, I see a real chance Sam goes back.

That may also be the only way OpenAI retains its needed employees. Employees Microsoft needs to have a strong and worthwhile partnership with OpenAI.

If things play out the way Satya envisions in supporting a strong OpenAI this is a real plus for AI in legal tech (OpenAI’s tech is widely used in legal) and the beneficiaries of such AI – lawyers and the public we, as lawyers, serve.