Join us today as we sit down with the Alison Carr, a seasoned expert ready to spill the beans on unlocking the secrets to hiring an exceptional legal team for your law firm.

No more recruitment headaches – tune in and discover Alison’s invaluable insights that will transform your hiring process, making it a breeze even if you’ve struggled in the past.

In today’s episode, we explore how to hire an amazing team with special guest Alison Carr.

From hiring your very first assistant to expanding your team to propel your practice to its next level, we talk about it all.

I’ve brought in Alison Carr to talk everything hiring and firm culture.

She practices several areas of law including estate planning and administration, as well as farm and commercial real estate. She also happens to be a client.

While working with her, I observed that Alison has an amazing team she’s created through trial and error.

I invited Alison onto the podcast to share her wisdom with you, and she was happy to come on and share her wisdom, so your journey to build your legal dream team can be easier.

This episode is for you if you’re…

🔍 a solo practitioner playing with the idea of hiring your first assistant

🚀 ready to take your practice to new heights with additional people

💼 want to improve your office’s culture

💡 want a competitive edge in hiring even if you can’t pay as much as other lawyers in your city

We cover everything you need to know about hiring and firm culture including:

🔥 what you need to do BEFORE you send out your job posting to set you up for success

🔥 how to onboard a new employee

🔥 when to start looking for an employee

🔥 and more!

Building an exceptional legal team is a strategic investment in your practice’s success.

Building an extraordinary legal team is an art and a science.

Alison has build a team she calls a family, and you can too.

Whether you’re hiring your first assistant or expanding your practice, the decisions you make today shape the look and feel of your legal practice tomorrow. 

Listen in to get what you need to create a firm culture you love.

Don’t miss out; your dream legal team awaits!