Not as many AI presentations on AI at ClioCon as I expected, but there’s a couple. Good ones.

Preceding Mark Briton’s Tuesday talk on why lawyers should be optimistic about AI is a panel discussion on ChatGPT, AI and the Future of Law.

Trial lawyer, Mitch Jackson, Ed Walters, Chief Strategy Officer at vLex, and tech lawyer, Alia Luria will detail how technologies such as a ChatGPT are transforming how people get work done and where they are seeking answers.  

Kudos to Clio for having AI sessions like this which will reach practicing lawyers, worldwide – in person and virtually. Lawyers who hear that they should fear AI for any number of reasons, from eliminating their jobs to ethical violations.

The panel will take a practical and, like Britton, an optimistic view of AI.

  • How to leverage ChatGPT to your advantage as a lawyer (and the legal nuances to using it)
  • Learn where legal might be headed with the development of more automation and natural language processing for legal analysis
  • Educate your prospective clients and clients on the pros and cons of ChatGPT

AI in the law is moving at a pace faster than any technology before it. By far.

Practicing lawyers have no other alternative than to learn what AI – particularly ChatGPT – is all about. How AI helps them. Helps their clients. Advances the law. And expands access to legal services.

The theme of “Amplify your impact” for this year’s ClioCon should not be lost on anyone. No one less than Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, looks at AI as amplifying the skilled and passionate.

Caring lawyers should take his message to heart when it comes to AI.

Conference sessions such as this one with ClioCon – with innovative tech and AI leaders – are a great start.