In a recent conversation on the use of AI by legal professionals, Ed Sohn, the SVP of Product & Solutions at Factor Law, brought us back to ground with what’s most important.

[A] lot of people are talking about horsepower and the number of use cases they have and the kind of what’s under the hood, [the] technical explanation. [But] we have found that people have not been as vocal about what this means for the human—the challenges on the team—and we think that’s a really important dimension.

I continue to see online discussion of AI in the legal business relating to the security, ethics and the like relating to AI, especially at the in-house counsel level. Those are some of the human challenges

Each of LexBlog’s large firm customers have in-house counsel, with whom we interact regularly. They’ll be looking at LOU, the AI powered publishing assistant LexBlog is deploying, not as to its features, writing and marketing power, but as to its security and the ethical implications.

I shared with my team this morning that LexBlog should play to its strengths in introducing AI to legal publishing.

Ethics, security, and privacy guidance and support from a trusted authority in legal publishing is a card we should play across the board from communications to consulting to coaching to education ato support. Let alone the platform developed for the law.

LexBlog has been in the business of large law firm blogging platforms, strategic consulting, coaching and support for twenty years.

In 2004, we explained to large law firms why having their lawyers blog did not pose an ethics or security risk to the firm – or at least posed a minimum risk.

We supported our reasoning with a turnkey solution, and, as a result, legal blogging took off.

LexBlog needs to do the same as to AI.

I’ll share tomorrow why legal blogging with an AI assistant is ethical and sound and how LexBlog can help make it so.

Thanks to Ed Sohn for reminding me as to what may be most important to our customers. Not just the bells and whistles, but more so items such as ethics and security.