OpenAI announced, yesterday, new functionalities for its ChatGPT platform, expanding the interface to include voice and image capabilities.

Aimed at enhancing user interaction, these features will be rolled out to Plus and Enterprise users over the coming weeks.

Users may now engage in back-and-forth voice conversations with ChatGPT, via a feature powered by OpenAI’s new text-to-speech model.

For instance, a user will be able to verbally ask ChatGPT to prepare a draft of a legal article or blog post on the spot, with a few vocal prompts to guide the narrative. Or a user can simply ask it a question, with ChatGPT giving its response in spoken word form.

As for images, the platform will allow users to share images with ChatGPT for a more contextualized and visual interaction (“Here’s what I like, what I’m thinking of, what I’d like you to describe etc.”). Users can even focus on specific parts of the image using a drawing tool. This feature is backed by GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models.

OpenAI emphasizes the ethical considerations accompanying these updates, including potential misuse by malicious actors. Consequently, the rollout is planned to be gradual, allowing time for risk mitigations and improvements.

Stay tuned for what it means for legal bloggers. I have a few thoughts I’ll be sharing in the next day.