Microsoft wil start selling its AI software, CoPilot, on November 1. CoPilot will be priced at $30 a person per month, which comes on top of the price for the legacy Office 365 suite.

Will Feuer of the The Wall Street Journal reports,

The Copilot software is designed to help employees with building PowerPoint presentations, managing their Outlook inbox and creating Word documents, among other uses. Microsoft says the system integrates into the company’s broader Office 365 suite, which means the AI system adapts to a company’s business data.

Interesting to see how prices are being developed for AI enhancements to software and platforms.

Most companies cannot afford to give AI away. In the case of companies using OpenAI’s API, such as LexBlog, Inc. in the case of its AI powered publishing assistant LOU, OpenAI is charging for demands on the API. In that this demand varies per user, things only get more complex.

Those costs are top of the development – and maintenance work a company does to launch an AI product or enhancement.

At the same, AI, properly used saves the user money. Thus, even though the user pays for AI, they are likely saving much more money than they are paying. Pay to make money. 😉