This is a Masterclass on Mindset that’s essential for anyone who’s a student of this work.

I decided to break this topic up into two parts.

These episodes work with each other so don’t skip this one if you think you know the material already.

In Part One of Mindset Essentials, you’re going to learn:

👉 the difference between mindset and thought work

👉 how mindset determines your identity

👉 two common mistakes I see when people try to do thought work that hold them back from progress

In Part Two of Mindset Essentials, I’m sharing two key aspects of this work most lawyers miss whether they’ve been doing thought work for a while or are new to it.

Understanding these essentials will help you if you’re brand new to the podcast or if you’ve been listening for a while.

I know a lot of people come to Be a Better Lawyer Podcast knowing the Model from Brooke Castillo and the Life Coach School, which is where I got certified and Master Coach Certified.

My hope is that these episodes help you skip all the hard work I did trying to figure this out.

The fastest way to get better results is hiring a coach, and the second-best way is to understand and to study the concepts I’m sharing here.

These concepts are the difference between living a conscious life and an unconscious life.

They’re the difference between being present and living on autopilot.

One helps you create your results intentionally.

The other gets you unconscious results.

Listen in to get the mindset essentials you need to live a more conscious life.



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