How does your law practice feel?

Hard? Scary?

Anxious? Nauseous?

Easy? Calm?

Peaceful? Joyful? 

Pick one feeling that is the most predominant.

This feeling you have in your body right now comes from what you’re thinking about your law practice.

This feeling is the foundation you’re building your law practice on.

Think of your law practice as a house.

The foundation of the house needs to be solid, steady and level.

If it’s not, the walls will be crooked or not stand up at all.

The roof will have gaps between it and the walls, so rain will leak inside the home.

The foundation makes the difference between a house that can be passed from generation to generation for hundreds of years versus a house that needs to be torn down next week. 

That feeling you have when you think about your law firm is the foundation you’re building your law practice on.

Today you’re going to learn what you need to ask yourself to create a vision and what you need to make that vision reality.

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You do NOT need to tear your practice down to address the foundation. Your law practice is not like a house in that way.

You and your practice are a lot more flexible and malleable than a house.

What you’ll learn today is how to begin laying the foundation for your dream law practice moving forward. 

Listen in to begin elevating your law practice. 


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