Time Blocking Your Daily Highlight

Time blocking is a time management strategy where you schedule tasks on your calendar so your work can’t be interrupted or scheduled over. It is a way for you to reclaim your day and get a better idea of how you’re using your time. Benjamin Franklin was an early adopter of time blocking.

There are different methods for blocking your time. One method is to schedule your entire day for each day of the week on your calendar. One benefit of this method is that you can then see where you may have time to schedule things that often get neglected like marketing, connecting with clients, exercise, or writing a newsletter. Another method is to schedule only blocks of time needed to complete large projects such as drafting a motion for summary judgment.

The method I like to use is the one that Ali Abdaal uses. Ali is a former doctor turned entrepreneur and productivity guru. He always calendars time for his daily highlight. The daily highlight comes from the book, Make Time, by Jack Knapp and John Zeratsky, which I discussed in the September 2022 issue of suasponte. It is the one thing you decide to prioritize and accomplish each day. “Asking yourself “What’s going to be the highlight of my day?” ensures that you spend time on the things that matter to you and don’t lose the entire day reacting to other people’s priorities.”

Blocking out time on your calendar to do your daily highlight sets you up to get it done. Imagine how productive you will be by the end of the year if you get one thing done every day that is important to you.