Alarming concept expressed by James Manyika, a SVP at Google, talking with Scott Pelly on 60 MINUTES.

Could Hemingway write a better short story? Maybe. But Bard can write a million before Hemingway could finish one. Imagine that level of automation across the economy.

For someone who’s blogged for twenty years and owns a company that provides a publishing platform for legal professionals to self publish – on blogs – this could feel like the end of the world.

The flip side is to look at as AI as a positive, as Manyika does.

AI has the potential to change many ways in which we’ve thought about society, about what we’re able to do, the problems we can solve.

AI will enable us in legal to write more about more, to connect with more people and advancement legal knowledge like never before.

Writing will be changed – it enviably has to be as results of the forces of AI.

  • We’ll use AI as a writing assistant, many already are
  • We’ll prepare drafts of articles and stories, via AI, articles and stories to be be completed by us
  • We’ll prompt AI to prepare stories and articles, in entirety, covering topics we could not have before without a relevant corpus training AI

No one has a monopoly in knowing how AI will change writing – including me.

It would be foolish though not to accept that AI will bring extraordinary changes to writing stories – and legal blogging.

The key is to harness AI to your benefit and the benefit of society as a whole.