Will AI be writing a lawyer’s blog posts?

It’s a question I’ve been thinking about a lot over the last six months.

I’ve always looked at blogging as a way for lawyers to connect with people through real and authentic writing. AI written posts would take that away.

I see AI as a way for a lawyer to amplify their passion, expertise and commentary. AI serves as a blogging assistant.

But last week, Engadget’s Mariella Moon reported that a new plugin from WordPress.com called JetPackAI “will write your blog posts for you.”

Like any other generative AI tool, Jetpack can spit out content based on the prompt users type in, whether it’s a traditional article, a list or a table. The assistant can also switch the tone of the post, depending on what the user is going for: It could sound informative, optimistic, humorous or even sarcastic. 

“Wonderful” was my first thought. Another content writer with no subject matter expertise using AI to add to the mountain of content already being produced solely for SEO and advertising.

Moon goes on to a better use of AI in blogging.

If the user wants to write their own post, they could still ask Jetpack for help. They could either make the tool generate a headline based on what they’d written or use it to automatically check their grammar or correct any spelling mistakes. And if they want to include a translation of their article, they can use Jetpack AI to quickly translate it into any of its 12 available languages, including Spanish, French and Korean.

Grammar checking, blog titles and translation are just some of the ways AI can assist bloggers.

Like JetPack, LexBlog will be using an AI-powered blogging assistant on its platform. Not to write blog posts but to assist bloggets..

Could AI write a lawyer’s blogs at same point. Anything is possible, but I think it’s good ways off.