Remember how apps made the iPhone immensely popular? The same thing is likely to happen with AI.

While a majority of U.S. adults have heard of ChatGPT, only 14% have tried it, according to Pew Research. This does not AI will be a passing fad, per The Wall Street Journal’s Cordilia James. Apps will make AI services more accessible and more popular.

The Journal has compiled a list of easy-to-try AI apps and websites in various categories to give you a taste of what’s coming.


  • Open’s ChatGPT: I initially started using it in a web browser but now prefer the iOS app on my iPad and iPhone due to their ease of use and additional features.
  • Bing: I use it on iOS, but less frequently.
  • Bard: It’s only available on a browser, and I use it less frequently.

Image generators: I am not using any of these.

Career and productivity:

  • GrammarlyGo: It’s widely used for drafting emails and correcting grammar. AI will further increase its popularity. I’m going to use it so as to compare it to Lou, an AI-powered publishing assistant to be used by LexBlog, Inc.
  • OtterPilot: Meeting assistant that automatically handles live note-taking and action-item tracking. I haven’t tried it yet.

Audio generators:

  • Prime Voice AI by ElevenLabs: It turns text into audio snippets using either your actual voice or one you create using the tool’s technology. I haven’t used such apps, but they seem similar to the voice-read blog posts now being offered by LexBlog to law firms.
  • Google MusicLM: You key in prompts for the type of music you want to hear, such as peaceful guitars by a campfire. It’s available on iOS, web, and Android.

The Journal shared more AI apps in various categories, ranging from travel planning to learning.

For you, the magic of AI may not lie in these apps, but trying some of the apps may give you a flavor of how AI will become integrated into our everyday lives.

Apps revolutionized the concept of mobile computing. I expect Apps will give Americans a greater taste of AI and help move AI into the mainstream.