Following my post yesterday about how AI will make for more effective legal blogging, I received a response over on LinkedIn that the use of AI in legal blogging would result in blogs without any substantive content.

A good discussion ensued with my taking the position that the use of an AI-powered publishing assistant in blogging would result in more substantive legal blog content.

AI is a tool that amplifies an artist’s passion, whether the artist be a legal blogger, a poet or a news columnist.

Though bad guys can use AI to amplify their cause (what ever it is), it doesn’t mean AI is bad when it comes to legal blogging.

There’s no question lawyers will use AI to create junk content. Content created by them, or someone on their behalf, for no reason other than to generate web traffic.

In 1995, I didn’t think lawyers would be able to use the Internet in any way other than to help people. In 2003, I never saw legal blogging other than as a means of engaging people and building a name.

With AI, lawyer behavior won’t be any different. Lawyers, or marketers on their behalf, will write legal blog posts of marginal value.

Bad behavior by some doesn’t diminish the value of AI to leading legal bloggers though.

I agree with the UK’s Sharon Tanton, that ChatGPT will never be a better writer than you.

AI is a tool to be used by the legal blogger not a replacement. There’s no competition as to who produces the better content, AI or a legal profession, any more than there’s a competition between a hammer and a carpenter.

As to AI eliminating the passion of a blogger, I see it much differently.

I see a lawyers using AI to identify niches based on their interests and passion so as to reach an audience not being engaged by a legal blog. The result is a greater opportunity for a lawyer to build a name.

With an assist on items such as grammar, feedback, items to cover in a blog post, social sharing and more, legal bloggers can write better legal blog posts in less time. Wind in the sales only results in more passion.

AI doesn’t create content autonomously. AI accentuates and amplifies a legal bloggers existing tone and focus, making it a powerful tool for writers who understand AI’s capabilities and limitations.

Just as AI will be used as a tool in medicine as means of saving lives and advancing medicine without replacing doctors and scientists, AI will be used in blogging without replacing legal bloggers.