We had the pleasure of having tech evangelist, blogger and author, Robert Scoble visit LexBlog, here in Seattle last evening.

With Robert’s having covered AI as much anyone, it was an honor that he was interested in seeing how LexBlog was using AI in legal publishing, particularly blogging.

Robert has been covering AI was well as anyone – and he’s been doing so for years.

By staying in touch with entrepreneurs and startups, Robert keeps his finger on the pulse of tech developments as well as anyone.

Of late, as best I can tell from Twitter, it’s been artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Robert’s been covering AI and AR, not just recently, but for years.

So getting to show Robert how LexBlog has harnessed Open AI’s API to LexBlog’s legal publishing platform was a lot of fun.

In just the way I’ve known Robert to cover events and people for years, he takes out his iPhone, holds it up, pushed record and off we’re going.

“Who are you? What do you? How long has it been that LexBlog has been around and leading the legal blogging world?”

And it goes on and on like that, getting into what’ve done for legal bloggers on AI.

Not only to make blogging easier and less time consuming, but also more effective – more impactful when it comes to building a name and generating work.

And Robert is no slouch in the blogging world.

Robert led us into blogging with his blog, Scobleizer. Passionate, insightful and informative.

Robert was co-author of Naked Conversations, the seminal – and first book – on corporate blogging.

Colin O’Keefe, who leads our product team walked Robert through Lou – right on the publishing interface – via the “Scratchpaper” and “Full Screen” tools:

  • How to identify niches on which to blog
  • How to identify subjects on which to blog in one’s niche – and title’s for those subjects
  • How to identify what to cover in your blog post
  • How to use “Sections” to create section headers for your post
  • How to create “Takeaway’s” for your posts that’ll create a boiled down summary of your post for an abstract and other purposes
  • How to create LinkedIn summaries of your post for posting on LinkedIn personal pages
  • Possible Twitter posts

A discussion ensued on any number of things, including the technology limits of Lou, if any, and the need for more and more legal blogging as AI is limited in knowledge by primary law.

Without the insight, commentary ands passion of lawyers covering ultra niches, AI is not going to be as effective.

Represents a real opportunity for lawyers to advance the law like never before. Maybe even provide greater access to justice and legal services – we thought.

I’ll share the video of Robert’s interview of us when he gets it up on Twitter.

In the time being, big thanks to Robert, someone I’m honored to call and friend, and to Brian, Scott and Colin on our product’s team for completing the latest rev of Lou by the time Robert got here.