Conversational, insightful, effective, inspirational, creative and summarization are the words you tend to hear in discussions of AI in the law.

LexisNexis’ announcement of Lexis+ AI, on Wednesday, was more of the same – and I mean that in a good way.

Their press release lead off with the statement, “New LexisNexis platform delivers secure generative AI tools that fuel efficiency, effectiveness, and reliable results for lawyers.

AI is arguably the most powerful tool lawyers have ever had at their disposal.

No question LexBlog has found AI to be a strategic guide, inspirational, efficient and effective when it comes to blogging and publishing.

Now we have one of the largest legal players in the world – LexisNexis – announcing an AI product,.

Legal tech companies see the benefits of AI for lawyers and legal professionals. Products and solutions delivering AI are being launched every few days.

Lexis+ AI, trained on a legal repository of legal content, further validates AI in the law, and signals that AI will be part of most legal professionals workflow by year’s end – whether it be in publishing and blogging or legal work.

Conversational, strategic, insightful, inspirational, creative, and summarization are what we continue to hear in regard to AI in the law.

Good stuff, with LexisNexis adding to the growing conversation.