As I read more and more about AI in journalism and publishing – and use ChatGPT in my work and blogging, it’s become inevitable to me that AI will become part of our blogging lives.

I’ve always thought that the art of writing and journalism is to some extent like being a painter or musician.

Some evenings publishing a blog or posting to Facebook I feel like I’m on a roll, like a pianist knocking out a tune. A fellow blogger told me the same.

How could blogging as an artist use AI, a machine?

Well, the machine isn’t so bad in providing an answer.

I asked:

“Bloggers are like artists. How can they use AI? GPT?”

The answer I received – massaged a bit – was not all bad.

Bloggers can use AI to enhance their content creation and make their work more efficient. Here are some ways bloggers can use AI:

  1. Content generation: AI-powered tools can generate content ideas, headlines, and even drafts of full articles.
  2. Editing and proofreading: AI-powered tools can also help bloggers edit and proofread their work.
  3. Content optimization: AI-powered tools can analyze existing content and provide recommendations for optimization (SEO).
  4. Personalization: In time, AI-powered tools can help bloggers personalize their content to specific audiences.
  5. Image and video creation: AI-powered tools can also help bloggers create visual content like images and videos.

By using AI-powered tools, bloggers can save time, improve the quality of their work, and create more personalized content for their audiences. However, it’s important to remember that AI tools should be used to enhance human creativity and not replace it. Bloggers should always use their own judgment and expertise to create high-quality content that resonates with their audiences. (Emphasis added)

Love the machine telling me it’s important to remember that the machine helps my creativity, not replace it.

Bloggers use their own judgment to create an experience that resonates with their readers.

I have a few thoughts that the machines are going to take blogging a little further than the five items bulleted here, but you get the point AI is inevitable for bloggers.