The single biggest impediment to blog success for lawyers is failing to focus on a niche.

The tighter the niche the better.

Niche blogs become must reads for an audience, enable a lawyer to build a reputation (often where no other lawyer is playing) and enable relationships to flourish, often for work outside the niche.

I have been playing with ChatGPT of late, particularly looking at ways AI can be used in writing and in legal blogging.

I wanted to see how ChatGPT could be used in helping a lawyer develop a niched focused blog to develop business.

Worked well, from my standpoint. Remember, success was identifying niche areas I could think about as a lawyer.

I imagined I was an Iowa lawyer looking to develop a niche in agricultural law.

I asked “What are good ideas for a niche legal blog on agriculture law in Iowa?”

I received from ChatGPT these eight ideas in about twenty seconds.

  1. Overviews of Iowa’s state laws and regulations related to farming and agriculture, including those pertaining to zoning, land use, and conservation.
  2. Information on the rights and responsibilities of Iowa farmers and agricultural businesses, such as labor laws and workplace safety regulations.
  3. Updates on recent legal developments and court cases impacting the Iowa agricultural industry, such as lawsuits over environmental issues or disputes between farmers and agribusinesses.
  4. Resources and guidance for Iowa farmers and agricultural businesses on navigating the legal system, including tips for working with lawyers and understanding legal documents.
  5. Analysis of federal laws and regulations affecting the agricultural industry, such as the Farm Bill and trade agreements, and their impact on Iowa farmers.
  6. Discussions of legal issues facing specialty agriculture, such as organic farming, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and hemp cultivation.
  7. Information on farm succession planning and estate planning for farmers.
  8. Legal aspects of precision agriculture and how farmers can protect their intellectual property rights in the digital age.

Succession and estate planning for Iowa farmers jumped out at me.

I’d be the only blogger on the topic and not only would my blog be of interest to farmers and ag land holders, lawyers, accountants, financial planners and niche publishers and association would be readers.

And lest there be any doubt as to the value of blogging for the ag industry in Iowa and the individual owners of ag land, this from ChatGPT in a few seconds:

Agriculture is a significant industry in Iowa. According to data from the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, farming and related industries accounted for nearly $112 billion in economic activity in Iowa in 2017. The state is a leading producer of corn, soybeans, pork, and eggs, and is also known for its dairy and beef cattle operations. The state is also a major producer of ethanol and biodiesel. In terms of land use, about 98% of the state’s land area is used for agriculture, making it one of the most agriculturally productive states in the US.

AI does not replace our thinking – especially our strategic thinking – but, like other technology, AI is a powerful tool to help us make smarter decisions – faster.