If you don’t have a Friday Wrap-Up Ritual for your law practice, you’re missing out on the low hanging fruit that will move your practice forward and make your life easier.

Whether you own your own practice or work for a firm, listen to this episode of Be a Better Lawyer Podcast.

Oh, and you don’t need to have a calendar system to benefit from this.

You can use this Friday Wrap-Up Ritual all on its own to reap the benefits from it.

You’ll learn:

✅ 3 questions you *must* ask yourself to make your practice easier in the long and short-term

✅ a review tip that will help you pick up hours and charges you may have missed

✅ a fail-safe method to make your week-end more enjoyable and your Mondays easier

This episode will change how you look at managing your energy and your time.


Busy Lawyer’s Ultimate Time Management Guide

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