This morning I noticed that most all of the Tweets in the “All” tab on the Notifications page of my Twitter app were gone.

The Tweets that were sill there were from October. Thanks Gyi Tsakalakis for being my top Tweet this morning from something you shared back then.

New, I think, is a Verified tab on the Notifications page listing Tweets which mentioned me from tech companies, law libraries, entrepreneurs and others.

The General tab on the Notifications page, with its tweets, remained.

This represents a pretty good speed bump on Twitter. I don’t take this as a sign that Twitter is going away, or necessarily becoming worse.

I do view this as Musk and team trying new things quickly to see how they work.

The outcome is an uneasy atmosphere for Twitter users. Some folks will run.

This is not far off what Facebook has had a history of doing. One day you wake up and things are different. Often enough that you get callous to the pace of change.

Now, people had a little more faith in Zuckerberg than they do in Musk.

There also wasn’t a column or marking for Verified users who pay eight dollars a month for the blue badge – and now receive some preferential treatment in reply and mention tweets.

What’s it all mean for legal bloggers.

  • Twitter is going to be a bumpy experience, yet still widely used by lawyers, bloggers, reporters, associations companies and organization leaders. I wouldnt’ bale.
  • You may see the engagement (replies, retweets, likes) on the items you Tweeet descrease. This is as to your own publishing and the publishing of others that you share. I already have.
  • You may want to increase sharing on LinkedIn the items you share on Twitter, especially as to the items that you are not publishing yourself – other’s content and stories. LinkedIn, by virtue of its algorithms and growing use, is becoming more engaging and more of a reputation building tool.

First of many rapid changes coming from Twitter.