Ever sit at your desk thinking about what ifs?

What if you started your own practice?

What if you expanded your practice?

What if you made partner?

What if you started that blogging or podcast idea that’s been rolling around in the back of your mind?

This episode is for the dreamers.

The ambitious lawyers who have this nagging tug at their heart that they’re meant for more.

This episode is for lawyers who — even though they have this recurring dream — also aren’t taking action OR aren’t taking the action that produces BIG results.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • how to uncover and get awareness of thoughts stopping you from taking action
  • why our brains responds like it does with these thoughts
  • how to dissolve these thoughts by understanding what they really are
  • how to question these thoughts one-by-one, so when they pop up for you, you can counter them with the truth and take action

This last step is essential. It takes consistently showing up for yourself and questioning your thoughts. 

This is the process of rewiring your brain to take action on your dreams.

If we don’t have what we want, we can change that by examining our current thinking and make changes to it.

Listen in to start learning what you need to do it.


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